Wednesday, December 27, 2006

And then there was three..........

It's with a heavy heart we tell all our doggie friends that we have lost our Peanut unexpectedly right after Christmas. We will miss her dearly. Beagledom will be back after the New Years.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Thanks to Nugget we were tagged on what we want and don't want for Christmas.

What we want for Christmas:
1. To be young and healthy again!
2. To bark at cows (Peanut)
3. Food, food and more food..........did we mention we want more treats too!

What we Don't want for Christmas:
1. We don't want to have to go to the vet again (very scary place).
2. Don't want to have to take anymore yucky pills.
3. Don't want to have to take walks in the rain anymore. Don't they realize that we get wet?

We want to tag the following, please list 3 things you want and don't want for Christmas on your blog.
1.Dachies Rule
2. MJ's house of slobber
3. Tin Tin Blog Dog
4. Opy the gruff puppy
5. Dusty Doodles

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sorry we haven't posted in a while. Daisy Mae has been very sick and we thought we were going to lose her. She has congestive heart failure. But being Daisy Mae the "wonder dog" she seems to be doing real good and all of us in beagledom are hopefull that things will get better. Peanut also has been having some "issues" but we finally found out that she has thyroid problems and they gave her a pill and it seems to be working good. All of our girls are getting up there in years (15 for the dogs and 16 and 18 for the cats) and the last few months have been a challange for us. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and I hope all of our Dogs with Blogs friends have a Happy and Safe Holiday.

David & Andy
Daisy Mae, Peanut, Baneda and Poppy
aka Beagledom

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hey guys, we got our DWB calenders in the mail today and boy are the cool. It's also really cool and Daisy Mae and I are Miss September in calender # 2. I've been begging my dad all day to get more to send to my friends. They are SO cool.



Sunday, November 26, 2006

Boy is it yucky out and boy do I ever have cabin fever. It has been raining and raining and now there is a little of that white stuff falling. My dads don't like to let me out when it's like this but I don't really care. I like to dig and root around in the mud and leaves, I don't even care if I get all wet. Besides my dad's fuss all over me when I come back in and have a nice towel to dry me off. Now Peanut would not be caught dead outside when it's like this, she will only go out when it's extremely necessary..if you know what I mean. She's such a princess and doesn't like getting her feet all wet. I'm like "YOUR A DOG". Ha ha ha. Anyway all is well in Beagledom, my dads are getting ready for Christmas and brought a real cool tree into the house, it's fun to sit under it when the lights are on. For now I'm content to snuggle up on a good bankie and have a snooze. Have a good week y'all.


David Mae

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hey all, just wanted to say hi to all our friends, we haven't been posting much lately. Our dads have both been real busy and have not been letting us have any computer time. But they have been giving us lots of treats and thats all that counts. Baneda has been a little under the weather but she seems to be getting better now. She was peeing everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE. I'm just glad we didn't get blamed for any of that. But she has to take medicine for a while, which she hates and makes my dads chase her all over the house when it's time to take it. She even ran outside once and wouldn't come back was so funny. I think my dads are getting ready to feed an army. They brought home alot of food and said something about turkey-day? Hmmm, well here's hoping we get some of that food. Have a great holiday from all of us at Beagledom.

ps. you happy now aunt phyl?

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hey guys.....All is well in Beagledom. Dad has had some computer issues (whatever that is) and were finally back on-line. I'll try to get you all up to speed on the happenings in beagledom these last few weeks. We had the dreaded bath last weekend, our dads took us to this place they go on and on about were they can give us a bath and not have to clean up after it. In my opinion neither of us needed a bath, were were finally getting to smelling pretty good and they go and give us a bath with this real stinky soap (yuck! vanilla). Anyway we got a good bone out of the whole deal and they even went though the drive up food place and we got french fries...yum! Not much else going on, it's raining alot and neither of us like to go out and get our feet wet unless it's absolutely necessary(if you know what I mean). But that's tipical for us here in the northwest this time of year. Baneda has a birthday coming up this week, she will be 18. She sure is doing good for an old gal. One of my dads birthday is this week also, he's pretty old too. But he said I'm not allowed to say how old on here. Hey I wanted to ask everybody a many of you are dressed up for Halloween by your human companions? My dad has been trying to get me into this one with alot of feathers and no way will I let him put it on. The feathers taste good though. If anyone has any pictures of them in thier Halloween costume it would be cool to post them now, Halloween is coming up real soon and even though I don't like to wear the costumes myself I love to look at others in thiers. Well we had better run for now, our dads are taking us for a ride in the car to get something called Pumpkins?

Sloppy licks and butt snifs,

Daisy Mae and Peanut

ps. Check out the great picture of Baneda our birthday girl in Beagledom, Happy 18th Baneda.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Dad mowed the grass this weekend. It's been a while, because our grass was all dead. Up here in the northwest contray to popular belief it dosn't rain all the time and it gets pretty hot and dry in the summer. But the rain is back and the grass grew enough for dad to mow it. The reason why I'm meantioning it is because I LOVE to eat grass. I can graze for hours in the back yard after dad mows it. And he dosn't seem to mind because he leaves it all in a nice pile in the back where he grows stuff. Dad calls that pile compost and gets all weird when I get into it, but I can't help it, they throw all kinds of good stuff in it. Heck I even roll in it when he's not looking. Peanut dosn't really care about the grass, she's too busy working on her tan. Oh my god she loves the sun.....not me I prefer a nice bush or freshly dug hole in one of dads flower beds. Here is a picture dad took of me after one of my yard feasts. He called me a goat and tried to pull all of the grass out of my teeth.

PS. The cat has been taken care of, I don't think she will try to blog on here for a while. But she IS part of Beagledom so no promises guys.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Poppy here.....just had to sneak on here and post something and let everyone know whats going on. SOMEBODY, who remains nameless had an accident in the house on dads new rug. SO, because no one fessed up we all got put on restriction from the computer. Which really makes me mad because it means in can't surf the internet after dad goes to sleep.Pfftttt. But everything is ok, Daisy Mae is trying all her best moves to no avail. And I have been pestering the daylights out of them both, but they will not budge. I'll just tell them that I saw Baneda on here and she must have posted using my name. She would do that I swear. But dad was pretty mad about the rug. I hate to break it to him but it wasn't the first time for that rug, I guess he didn't step in that one in his stocking feet. He Hee. Well back out to the backyard to lay in the sun. Laters......

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Ok guys, Daisy Mae here back on the job and doing great! Here is one of those things you can do to get stuffed full of treats. Those smelly cats have their own door at our house
( can you believe it) and I like to stick my heard through when my dads are trying to keep me out of the kitchen. It makes them coo like those annoying birds in the back yard .

( I totally don't blame you Opy for eating that bird, if I could catch one, I would eat one too)
Plus it gives me these great dreadlocks.
A big special hello for my aunt Phyl, she's been real worried about me and my dads keep missing her calls. "Hey aunt Phyl, we love you and miss you".

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Daisy Mae here! I just wanted to say hi to everyone. I'm doing real good. Dad took this picture of me on the back porch. I love hanging out with my dads.

ps. Hi Aunt Phyl~

Friday, August 18, 2006

My dads are taking great care of me! Here's my dad getting some special loving.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Stooopid cats tried to go into the light and it went out........

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Peanut here.... I just wanted to let everyone know that Daisy Mae is doing good. Thanks for all the nice email and blog comments. She still walk's funny and makes faces at me all the time. But she's hanging in there, "the wonderdog". Anyway, I'm still on the job and keeping and eye on her. She's my bud, but I swear this is a big scam to get more treats. If it is, it's sure working. She even got the good smelly food in the can. Mmmmm. Got me some too.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Ok we have been double-tagged. Thanks Tin Tin and Boomer. So since there is two of us in Beagledom it works out just fine. So watch out you guys that means we are going to tag 10 of you. This is what you do it you get tagged.

What happens is this: you play the game and start by listing five weird things/habits about yourself. Then you tag five friends and list their names.

Those blogdoggies who are tagged need to write on their blogs about their five weird things/habits, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag five more 'victims'. And so on.

Don't forget to leave your 'victim' a comment that says "You're tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

So here goes with five of my weird and wonderful habits:Peanut here doing all the blogging this time while Daisy Mae is on the mend. (She seems to be doing ok, I told my dads she was the wonderdog.)


1. I can work both my dads into thinking I can't move until they bring me a bone first. I love this trick, they hate it. Tooo bad!
2. I can bark at cows (and only cows) like nobody else.
3. I freak out in the car when the sheet covering the back seat starts blowing around and scaring me. I actually hate the window open, but they just don't get it.
4.I bark at Baneda when she tries to take my bed.
5. I like to walk up to my dad and stand real close when ever I need to float a boomby. Aunt Phyl will love this :)

Dasiy Mae

1 I snore so loud the neighbors tell my dads their making too much noise at night.
2. I snort like a little piggy when I'm sniffing around.
3.I can sing really good songs and it makes my dads stuff me full of cookies.
4. I can go in a complete circle when I'm scratching my butt on the carpet. My dads hate this but it makes them smile everytime, which is why I do it..........yeah right, it feels good on my butt. Arooo
5. I can do anything I AM THE WONDER DOG!!!

Peanut here.... I wanted to let you all know about Daisy Mae. Dad said she has had a slight stroke what ever that is? All I know is that she walks funny and has a funny smirk on her face. But she still acts like that same ol Daisy Mae I know and love. Either way my dads are worried about her. I just have to keep reminding them that she is the wonder dog and nothing gets her to her. So for now I'm keeping her close and taking care of her.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Dad loves this picture, he calls it "Don't go into the light". We were just looking out the upstairs window but it is kind of funny.
Daisy Mae

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Daisy and I went to the beach with dad tonight after he got home from work. I sat and watched the boats go by and tried to figure out why those stupid birds make so much racket. Daisy walked on some logs and got all frisky and did a little singing. I got sand in places I wont mention on here, but life is good.


Monday, August 07, 2006

Bestest friends take care of each other.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My dad is obsessed with eye ball boogers.....OBSESSED! I mean I really appreaciate him cleaning them out from time to time, but oh my god he drives me crazy wiping my eyes. Personally I like eye ball boogies. What's the big deal? Anybody have any thoughts about this?

Sunday, July 30, 2006

How we got here~ by Daisy Mae Beagle

I came to live with my dads when I was only 12 weeks old. My one dad Andy had beagles when he was a kid and my other dad David just really loved beagles. They were living on Georgia at the time and found an ad for beagles in the paper. Well, they went to the place with the beagles and oh my goodness there were over 60 beagles there. The man and woman who had them taught them all how to hunt and they had 3 litters of puppies at the time. I got picked out of all of them. I can't imagine why, I totally ignored them when they were there. I just wanted to play with my brothers and sisters. But they picked me!!! They took me home and it's been lots of fun ever since. Check out my picture, I was the cutest puppy ever!

Now Peanut came to live with us when she was over a year old. My dads rescued her from some bad people who hit her when she barked. She was so afraid when she came home and did not want to play with took her a lone time to relax and feel comfortable and to realize that my dads would not hit her EVER. They put her on the couch and snuggled with her and made her feel loved and I think that is why she likes the couch so much. Here is the earliest picture I could find of Peanut. She has been my bestest friend in the whole world and no doggie anywhere can bark at cows like her. Check her out, she was a cutie.

Daisy Here-Sorry we haven't posted in a while, it's been real hot here in Washington State and me and Peanut have been trying to keep cool. But it's finally cooled down and were able to sleep without that blasted wind machine blowing on us all the time. Check out a picture dad took of me snoozing on the couch. Don't tell Peanut, she wouldn't like that. HA HA! I ask dad to scan some puppy pictures, since he is always telling people I was the cutest puppy in the whole world. So once he gets that done I will post them on here and let you all be the judge. See ya and have a great week!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Peanut here! Well we went camping again this past weekend. We went way up in the mountains to Mt Baker Lake. It was so pretty. My dads went fishing and me and Daisy Mae hung out with them. We even meet two other beagles. Dad said they were lemon beagles, but they just smelled liked dogs to me. One was really cute, he sang to me. But not as good as when I bark at cows. There were these little squirrels that my dad keep feeding almonds too, they were so cute. They sang too, but not as good as me :) I hope we go again soon and take more bug spray this time, the flies and skeeters were a pain in the butt.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Peanut here :We went camping this weekend. Now I have no idea what camping is, but our dads made us sleep in this weird little house outside. They did bring our "bankies" so it seemed like home but not really. But it was kind of cool. My favorite place was the little house.
Daisy's was this big rock where she dug a big hole and got all dirty. She really liked that.

Little did she know that we would get a bath the next day because of all the dirt. Dad said we smelled bad, I thought I was finally smelling pretty good.

And speaking of smelling bad we were riding in the car when all of a sudden my two dads started yelling about a bear. There was this momma bear and her two cubs trying to climb this tree right beside the road. And they smelled real bad. Daisy and I tried to talk to them but they got all scared and the momma bear didn't like us looking at her cubs (I was able to get a picture of the momma bear but the cubs climbed up the tree before I could get a shot of them) and she really didn't want to talk to us so dad drove off real fast before they could get in the car. Maybe they wanted a ride but my dads didn't think was was a good idea.

And oh my god did they go on and on about it. My one dad got all weird when we got back to the little house that he said he had to commune with nature(rolling eyes). Here is a picture of him sitting on a rock and making a weird humming sound.

I really thought he could sing better that that. All in all it was a fun week end (except for they bath).

ps. the best was when Daisy sneeked out of the house after we had the bath and rolled in the dirt. They did not think that was funny at all, but I did.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Don't go into the light!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Ok so this is Daisy Mae here, this past weekend was great. We took a ride in the car and I got to roll in some great smelling stuff. I thought we were going to just go somewhere so Peanut can bark at cows (rolling my eyes) but we went fishing. Now I have no idea what fishing is, but my two dads just sat by this big waterdish and and kept throwing this string in the water. If you ask me they weren't very good at it because it kept coming back to them. Any way there was this great patch of grass that had something I couldn't quite place(either dead fish or goose poopie) in it. But boy did it smell great, so I rolled in it and had me a good ol time. I don't think my dads were amused, they made me get in the water which was real cold. Then we had a fun game of catch me if you can. Again they were NOT amused. So I had to show you my picture. My dad had no idea when he took this that I wasn't just being all cute. Little did they know.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Ok here is what I want to know......why can't I get on the couch more? For some reason it a big no no to get on the couch. But they get on the couch all the time and I live her also so why can't i get on the couch? I like sleeping on the couch almost as much as I like to ride in the car and bark at cows. I think we should have a family meeting to discuss this, but they think I'm just being silly. Maybe if I "marked" it they wouldn't want to get on it anymore and it would be all mine. Any ideas on how I can end this tyrany?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ok now I'm Baneda. I rule the roost, so don't let those bitches tell you any different. Everynight I come downstairs at 7 and kick Poppy's butt. Just because.
I'm Poppy, I live with Daisy Mae and Peanut. Part of my thing is that I pester the daylights out of everyone. So I sneeked in here and posted my picture. I am so beautiful.
Hello there..were Daisy Mae and Peanut and this is our blog. Check back often and see what we are up too.