Sunday, June 25, 2006

Peanut here :We went camping this weekend. Now I have no idea what camping is, but our dads made us sleep in this weird little house outside. They did bring our "bankies" so it seemed like home but not really. But it was kind of cool. My favorite place was the little house.
Daisy's was this big rock where she dug a big hole and got all dirty. She really liked that.

Little did she know that we would get a bath the next day because of all the dirt. Dad said we smelled bad, I thought I was finally smelling pretty good.

And speaking of smelling bad we were riding in the car when all of a sudden my two dads started yelling about a bear. There was this momma bear and her two cubs trying to climb this tree right beside the road. And they smelled real bad. Daisy and I tried to talk to them but they got all scared and the momma bear didn't like us looking at her cubs (I was able to get a picture of the momma bear but the cubs climbed up the tree before I could get a shot of them) and she really didn't want to talk to us so dad drove off real fast before they could get in the car. Maybe they wanted a ride but my dads didn't think was was a good idea.

And oh my god did they go on and on about it. My one dad got all weird when we got back to the little house that he said he had to commune with nature(rolling eyes). Here is a picture of him sitting on a rock and making a weird humming sound.

I really thought he could sing better that that. All in all it was a fun week end (except for they bath).

ps. the best was when Daisy sneeked out of the house after we had the bath and rolled in the dirt. They did not think that was funny at all, but I did.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Don't go into the light!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Ok so this is Daisy Mae here, this past weekend was great. We took a ride in the car and I got to roll in some great smelling stuff. I thought we were going to just go somewhere so Peanut can bark at cows (rolling my eyes) but we went fishing. Now I have no idea what fishing is, but my two dads just sat by this big waterdish and and kept throwing this string in the water. If you ask me they weren't very good at it because it kept coming back to them. Any way there was this great patch of grass that had something I couldn't quite place(either dead fish or goose poopie) in it. But boy did it smell great, so I rolled in it and had me a good ol time. I don't think my dads were amused, they made me get in the water which was real cold. Then we had a fun game of catch me if you can. Again they were NOT amused. So I had to show you my picture. My dad had no idea when he took this that I wasn't just being all cute. Little did they know.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Ok here is what I want to know......why can't I get on the couch more? For some reason it a big no no to get on the couch. But they get on the couch all the time and I live her also so why can't i get on the couch? I like sleeping on the couch almost as much as I like to ride in the car and bark at cows. I think we should have a family meeting to discuss this, but they think I'm just being silly. Maybe if I "marked" it they wouldn't want to get on it anymore and it would be all mine. Any ideas on how I can end this tyrany?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ok now I'm Baneda. I rule the roost, so don't let those bitches tell you any different. Everynight I come downstairs at 7 and kick Poppy's butt. Just because.
I'm Poppy, I live with Daisy Mae and Peanut. Part of my thing is that I pester the daylights out of everyone. So I sneeked in here and posted my picture. I am so beautiful.
Hello there..were Daisy Mae and Peanut and this is our blog. Check back often and see what we are up too.