Sunday, July 30, 2006

How we got here~ by Daisy Mae Beagle

I came to live with my dads when I was only 12 weeks old. My one dad Andy had beagles when he was a kid and my other dad David just really loved beagles. They were living on Georgia at the time and found an ad for beagles in the paper. Well, they went to the place with the beagles and oh my goodness there were over 60 beagles there. The man and woman who had them taught them all how to hunt and they had 3 litters of puppies at the time. I got picked out of all of them. I can't imagine why, I totally ignored them when they were there. I just wanted to play with my brothers and sisters. But they picked me!!! They took me home and it's been lots of fun ever since. Check out my picture, I was the cutest puppy ever!

Now Peanut came to live with us when she was over a year old. My dads rescued her from some bad people who hit her when she barked. She was so afraid when she came home and did not want to play with took her a lone time to relax and feel comfortable and to realize that my dads would not hit her EVER. They put her on the couch and snuggled with her and made her feel loved and I think that is why she likes the couch so much. Here is the earliest picture I could find of Peanut. She has been my bestest friend in the whole world and no doggie anywhere can bark at cows like her. Check her out, she was a cutie.

Daisy Here-Sorry we haven't posted in a while, it's been real hot here in Washington State and me and Peanut have been trying to keep cool. But it's finally cooled down and were able to sleep without that blasted wind machine blowing on us all the time. Check out a picture dad took of me snoozing on the couch. Don't tell Peanut, she wouldn't like that. HA HA! I ask dad to scan some puppy pictures, since he is always telling people I was the cutest puppy in the whole world. So once he gets that done I will post them on here and let you all be the judge. See ya and have a great week!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Peanut here! Well we went camping again this past weekend. We went way up in the mountains to Mt Baker Lake. It was so pretty. My dads went fishing and me and Daisy Mae hung out with them. We even meet two other beagles. Dad said they were lemon beagles, but they just smelled liked dogs to me. One was really cute, he sang to me. But not as good as when I bark at cows. There were these little squirrels that my dad keep feeding almonds too, they were so cute. They sang too, but not as good as me :) I hope we go again soon and take more bug spray this time, the flies and skeeters were a pain in the butt.