Monday, September 25, 2006

Dad mowed the grass this weekend. It's been a while, because our grass was all dead. Up here in the northwest contray to popular belief it dosn't rain all the time and it gets pretty hot and dry in the summer. But the rain is back and the grass grew enough for dad to mow it. The reason why I'm meantioning it is because I LOVE to eat grass. I can graze for hours in the back yard after dad mows it. And he dosn't seem to mind because he leaves it all in a nice pile in the back where he grows stuff. Dad calls that pile compost and gets all weird when I get into it, but I can't help it, they throw all kinds of good stuff in it. Heck I even roll in it when he's not looking. Peanut dosn't really care about the grass, she's too busy working on her tan. Oh my god she loves the sun.....not me I prefer a nice bush or freshly dug hole in one of dads flower beds. Here is a picture dad took of me after one of my yard feasts. He called me a goat and tried to pull all of the grass out of my teeth.

PS. The cat has been taken care of, I don't think she will try to blog on here for a while. But she IS part of Beagledom so no promises guys.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Poppy here.....just had to sneak on here and post something and let everyone know whats going on. SOMEBODY, who remains nameless had an accident in the house on dads new rug. SO, because no one fessed up we all got put on restriction from the computer. Which really makes me mad because it means in can't surf the internet after dad goes to sleep.Pfftttt. But everything is ok, Daisy Mae is trying all her best moves to no avail. And I have been pestering the daylights out of them both, but they will not budge. I'll just tell them that I saw Baneda on here and she must have posted using my name. She would do that I swear. But dad was pretty mad about the rug. I hate to break it to him but it wasn't the first time for that rug, I guess he didn't step in that one in his stocking feet. He Hee. Well back out to the backyard to lay in the sun. Laters......