Sunday, June 25, 2006

Peanut here :We went camping this weekend. Now I have no idea what camping is, but our dads made us sleep in this weird little house outside. They did bring our "bankies" so it seemed like home but not really. But it was kind of cool. My favorite place was the little house.
Daisy's was this big rock where she dug a big hole and got all dirty. She really liked that.

Little did she know that we would get a bath the next day because of all the dirt. Dad said we smelled bad, I thought I was finally smelling pretty good.

And speaking of smelling bad we were riding in the car when all of a sudden my two dads started yelling about a bear. There was this momma bear and her two cubs trying to climb this tree right beside the road. And they smelled real bad. Daisy and I tried to talk to them but they got all scared and the momma bear didn't like us looking at her cubs (I was able to get a picture of the momma bear but the cubs climbed up the tree before I could get a shot of them) and she really didn't want to talk to us so dad drove off real fast before they could get in the car. Maybe they wanted a ride but my dads didn't think was was a good idea.

And oh my god did they go on and on about it. My one dad got all weird when we got back to the little house that he said he had to commune with nature(rolling eyes). Here is a picture of him sitting on a rock and making a weird humming sound.

I really thought he could sing better that that. All in all it was a fun week end (except for they bath).

ps. the best was when Daisy sneeked out of the house after we had the bath and rolled in the dirt. They did not think that was funny at all, but I did.


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Yikes !!!! That would have been alittle scary seeing those bears ! We don't have bears out here in Australia - only stupid kangaroos and koala's ! Charlie read your blog and reckons he would have wrestled with the bears, as he is tuff and all - I reckon he would have hidden under the seat in the car as he is a big scardy cat !
Sounds like you had fun camping - I must talk to my humans about taking Charlie and I camping one day - I think it would be heaps of fun !

Dachsies Rule said...

Those bears probably saw you and were scared so they ran off. Your humans are lucky they have you to protect them!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

katy said...

This is one of the best blog enties I have ever seen. So cute!!! Are you sure your day job is right for you. Shouldnt we start some sort of fun entertaining animals for thier owners while they work day jobs business or something.

Anonymous said...

We have those big old bears where I live but I haven't seen one yet. I went camping recently too - but I didn't get to roll in anything fun. Sounds like you had more fun than me. You can visit my blog and see what I did when I went camping. Just look at the June entries.