Sunday, May 20, 2007

Well guys the bath time went ok..........the only good thing I can say is that it was over quickly and my dads sure got a big kick out me all wet. I really don't know what the big deal is? I have to admit I do feel better and I really like all the fussing my dads gave me. They sure do like me! Of course they had to take a picture of me in the bath. How embarrassing.

ps. the bestest part was the treats afterward.


MJ's doghouse said...

oh my gosh aer so cute in the bathtub...i dont known why dads need to take photos...dont they know that some things are private...geeeez.....and now they have posted it for any old dog to see...oh ser are a cutie frankie....

Joe Stains said...

you dont look nearly as miserable as I do in the bathtub. Maybe your dads are better at giving baths than my dad.

Jazz and Dixie said...

Hi Frankie,
Cute bath tub pic! We also don't care much for bath time! Sometimes Dixie manages to jump out of the bath and escape into the apartment! Mum is not happy when this happens. She spend most of her time trying to keep her in the bath so I think it would be impossible for mum to take a pic of her. Me on the other hand, well I just stand there with a look of disgust on my face. You are lucky to get treats after your bath. I will have to talk to mum about that!

Maggie said...

Poor Frankie! You're gonna learn soon enough Pal that the hoomans are NUTS with the camera! I hope you learn to like having flash go off in your face all the time! It's a way of life here!

Love ya lots,

Dachsies Rule said...

Poor Frankie. Don't they know that somethings are just personal and private? At least it was over quickly. You do look pretty cute with bubbles on you - no wonder they couldn't resist.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Sparky said...

Ugh, I hate baths! But I always try to be super good when I'm having a bath so that I don't get into trouble.

I do like that bath picture though. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's embarrassed to have my bath pictures taken!


Nugget said...

Hi Frankie, You look very cute all soaped up!