Saturday, May 26, 2007

Poppy has been so funny today. She keeps saying that dad named a flower after her. I mean what's the big deal? They're not that good tasting, but they do smell better than her ol stinky butt. Dad cut one from the garden and put it on the table in the house. Poppy is such a brat, but I like her anyway.



Maggie said...

Poppy is mom's favorite flower! They're so delicate and beautiful! Our poppies don't smell! Are you teasing poor Poppy??!!

Love ya lots,

MJ's doghouse said...

wow frankie...that is a very pretty poppy. I dont think you are supposed to eat them though...dont they have bad stuff in them...hmmmmm.

Eddie N Peaches said...

Hi there beagledom doggies! We are beagleys, too! Eddie is Beagle x Westie (Momma says that makes him a Beastie). I am pure beagle (Peaches), and we have a newcomer, Bella who we are pretty sure is all Beagley, but she was homeless when we adopted her so we don't really know. Then we have 3 new part Beagley puppies. Check it out!
We loooove Beagleys and their Baroos.
Take care!
Baroo to you!
Peaches & Eddie