Monday, September 24, 2007

Ok, so there was no fringe or leopard skin but I look like a line-backer in my new coat. My dads said I looked sooo cute in it, and I have to admit it keeps me warm. But it makes a funny sound when I walk and I look fat in it. SO, it will have to go! I told my dad if they posted a picture on here of me in it I will not only eat the coat but I'll eat the camera also. But don't be surprised if one still sneaks on here. Dad pretty sneaky. Have a great week you guys!


Nugget said...

Hi Frankie, Sorry to hear about the coat! Although, keeping warm is nice.


Eddie N Peaches said...

Okay, it can't be that bad. Lets see it. Be brave.
Eddie, Peaches and Bella


Hi Frankie,
Come on please let us see the coat, please. Mum has to get us nw winter coats before the cold Tokyo winter arrives. Maybe we will go with her this time to make sure we get what we want!
Jazz and Dixie

MJ's doghouse said...

poor need a dad like mom keeps wanting to buy me a coat but he said...NO DOG OF MINE IS WEARING A i am safe goes away if he goes away...oh i am worried

Hammer said...

Hi Frankie
How are you, and Phil and Don. Hope you are all okay.
Love from Hammer